Johannesburg Attorneys with a Rich Heritage


Bhikha Inc. has a long and proud history.

businessman-in-front-of-bookcaseFounded in 1988 by the Managing Director, G.L. Bhikha, the company was incorporated in 1995, to create a sustainable environment for continued growth for our many experienced, highly motivated and trained Johannesburg attorneys.

A sense of purpose and duty

Many qualities and beliefs remain, engrained from a small beginning. The original law firm was built upon a sound value system, with a deep belief in ethics, trust, dedication and social responsibility. Bhikha Inc. continues in this tradition and shares these values today.

Over the years, Bhikha Inc. has grown from strength to strength, attracting and retaining clients from state enterprises, and big business to small start-ups.


A belief in giving back

wooden-gavel-and-bookBhikha Inc. is one of the Johannesburg law practices that have made a conscious decision to make a difference – both to the people of the country as well as to the environment.

Our “Going Green” initiative has ranged from recently renovating our building to make it more energy efficient to recycling paper and other consumables.

We are dedicated to making a difference: providing legal services to many deserving people who need it. We dedicate more than 20% of our time to social service and pro bono work.

Level 1 AAA BEEE Status

The practice comprises a majority of previously disadvantaged persons as shareholders and employees. Bhikha Inc. has a Level 1 BBBEE status. You may download the BBBEE certificate here.

Tender Information

Bhikha Inc. is committed to making a difference!. We have been involved in many successful tenders and have delivered capably and efficiently at all strata of the business world.

For more information on our history or constitution, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Johannesburg based attorneys.